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Burnin' Rings of Fire

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Black Cat®'s design and technology meet to produce Double Ring pattern shells. With 6 different effects and 12 total shell breaks, you'll be bound by wild desire when you shoot these Burnin' Rings of Fire. Click here to watch Burnin' Rings of Fire Size: 1-3/4" each with 1 10-5/8" tall Launch Tube Shots: 12 Balls each w/ Double Rings Case: 12/12 Effects: 1. Green Outer Ring Break with Purple Inner Ring Break 2. Yellow Outer Ring Break with Silver Inner Ring Break 3. Red Outer Ring Break with Green Inner Ring Break 4. Blue Outer Ring Break with Yellow Inner Ring Break 5. Green Outer Ring Break with Blue Inner Ring Break 6. Yellow Outer Ring Break with Red Inner Ring Break

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