5207 187th St. East,
Tacoma, WA 98446

About Thunder Fireworks

Established in 1984 and based in Tacoma Washington, Thunder Fireworks, Inc, a Washington Corporation has unrivaled experience in the importation, distribution, and retailing of consumer fireworks. Since inception the company has been an innovator in its field and is responsible for high quality and large variety of product to select from. We are justifiably proud of our reputation, pioneering spirit and safety record. We now offer fireworks for sale online in our new shopping cart store.

Thunder Fireworks is dedicated to offering its customers the best fireworks available. This is assured by implementing rigid quality controls through out all the importation process. Thunder Fireworks purchases fireworks from factories in China, which meet only the highest standards. Along with competitive prices and quality products comes the celebration of our nation's independence and the opportunity for the consumer to celebrate with safe consumer fireworks. Thunder Fireworks main product line is "Black Cat Fireworks" which is "the Best you can get". Black Cat Fireworks is at the top of the list when complying with USA standards to insure the end user has a safe and festive 4th of July.

Hours of Operations:
Yearly June 28th through July 4th 9:00am to 9:00pm