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Fundraising Opportunities

How do firework stands operate?

Thunder Fireworks, Inc. does most of the legwork for the fireworks stand. We provide the site, tent/stand, product, advertising supplies, price cards, register, tables, and permitting assistance. You will need to stay on site 24/7 (or hire security), set up the product, sell, and repackage left over inventory. Call us for more information.

Who can make money with fireworks?

All types of people can sell fireworks

Non-profit Organizations

Several non-profit organizations work with us to raise money for their organizations. We have a very simple step-by-step operation. Our firework sales program is a 10-day commitment with high rewards and minimal risk. We have helped several non-profit organizations raise money for youth camps, sports equipment, band apparel and much more! Contact us today!

For Profit Individuals

Do you have student loans, car payment, or credit card debt you want to pay off? Firework sales are not just for non-profit organizations. Individuals and families can earn money with fireworks too.

Other Seasonal Opportunities

Don’t have enough time to dedicate to a fireworks stand? There are other seasonal positions available, such as driving, inside sales and warehouse work. Contact us today for more information.

Property Owners

Do you own property in a high traffic area? We are always looking for large open parking lots to lease for the fireworks season. Contact us today!