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Bangin' Hard (Since '52)

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Multi-layered and fully worked, Bangin' Hard is a bangin' good Black Cat display. Blue and white glitter mines erupt with each sequentially fan-fired shot, with hard breaking palms and titanium chrysanthemum top off each straif. Bangin' Hard proves that they do make them like they used to!

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Size: 7-7/8" H x (Top: 9-7/8", Bottom: 6-1/4")W x 9-1/2" D

Shots: 16


  1. Red palms & titanium dragon chrysanthemum

  2. Green palms & titanium dragon chrysanthemum

  3. Yellow palms & titanium dragon chrysanthemum

  4. Purple palms & titanium dragon chrysanthemum

  5. Titanium dragon chrysanthemum

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